VanMoof S5 e-bike evaluation: good however two times the rate

” Often you need to eliminate your beloveds,” is an expression utilized by designers to validate the elimination of aspects they discover personally interesting however stop working to include worth.

The last time I heard it remained in April, 2022, when I rode pre-production variations of VanMoof’s brand-new full-size S5 and smaller sized A5 electrical bikes. The expression was said by co-founder and CEO Taco Carlier to validate the elimination of VanMoof’s renowned matrix screen for a brand-new “Halo Ring” user interface.

One year later on and both e-bikes are now– lastly– being provided to consumers, well after their initial target of July 2022. The rate has actually likewise been raised to $3,998/ EUR3,498 from an early preorder rate of $2,998/ EUR2,498, which was currently far more pricey than what you ‘d spend for VanMoof’s previous generation e-bikes– the VanMoof S3/ X3— when presented for a rather exceptional rate of $1,998/ EUR1,998 back in 2020.

Look, whatever is more pricey in 2023, e-bikes consisted of. However in regards to worth for cash, the $4,000 VanMoof S5 requires to be two times as excellent as the $2,000 S3, right? Otherwise the most recent flagship e-bike from this previous financial investment beloved may be dead on arrival.

If just it was that easy.

Although the S5 and A5 pedal-assisted e-bikes still appear like VanMoofs with that extended leading tube topped by front and rear lights, whatever from the frame to the chips and sensing units have actually been reengineered. The business states that just a “handful of parts” were rollovered from the previous designs.

Here are a few of the most significant modifications:

  • New LED Halo Ring visual user interfaces flanking both grips.
  • An incorporated SP Link phone install (you supply the case) with USB-C charging port.
  • New practically entirely quiet Gen 5 front-hub motor with torque sensing unit and three-speed automated e-shifter (the S3/ X3 had four-speed e-shifters).
  • New multi-function buttons have actually been included listed below the bell (beside left grip) and increase (beside best grip) buttons.
  • The increase button now provides more zest with torque increasing to 68Nm from 59Nm.
  • The S5 frame which has actually been slammed for being too high has actually been reduced by 5cm (2 inches) to much better accommodate riders as high as 165cm (5 feet, 5 inches), while the A5 deals with riders as high as 155cm (5 feet, 1 inch) and permits a much easier step-through than the X3 it supersedes.

These sign up with a long list of basic functions discovered on VanMoof e-bikes like a well created and beneficial app, incorporated Kick Lock on the rear wheel, baked in Apple Discover My assistance, hydraulic disc brakes, muscular city tires, intense incorporated lights, mudguards, and a strong kickstand. And since it’s VanMoof, you can likewise register for 3 years of theft defense ($ 398/ EUR348) with ensured healing or replacement within 2 weeks, and 3 years of upkeep ($ 348/ EUR298) in choose cities.

Integrated rear lights that show up from the sides.

Integrated front lights and cable televisions routed through frame.

A brand-new smaller sized multi-function button listed below the electronic bell.

VanMoof e-bikes now have actually incorporated installs and USB-C charging for your phone.

I got my dark gray (likewise readily available in light gray) VanMoof S5 loaner in late March however I encountered a couple of problems that postponed this evaluation. These consisted of periodic connection failures in between the app and bike, a Kick Lock that didn’t constantly disengage, and an alarm that would quickly set off for no evident factor. Those problems were all fixed by an over-the-air firmware (v1.20) upgrade launched in mid-April prior to I might even report them back to VanMoof assistance.

I have actually blended feelings about this. In March the S5 and A5 began delivering in amount– albeit, 8 months late– so you ‘d believe they would have had time to figure out any problems in VanMoof’s brand-new screening laboratories That’s irritating offered VanMoof’s history of preliminary quality problems and guarantees supplied by the business that they would not be duplicated. However, premium e-bikes from business like VanMoof are progressively intricate makers, and seeing the business fix problems so rapidly is good.

One problem that hasn’t been repaired is idle battery drain, however VanMoof informs me that a firmware upgrade is pertaining to fix it in “2 weeks” time. In my case, the problem triggered the idle S5’s battery to drain pipes from 86 percent to 65 percent over a duration of 10 days. I usually lose about 2 percent charge every day whether I ride it or not.

Oh, and considering that I have actually set up numerous firmware updates in the last month (I’m presently at v1.2.4), I require to discuss this: the S5 plays a jaunty little tune the whole time the firmware is being set up. It was adorable in the beginning, my child even provided a little dance to opt for it. However it takes 5 to 10 minutes, and after the very first time you hear it, it’s simply irritating and there’s no chance to turn it off.

Concerning brand-new functions, the Halo Rings beside each grip are the most noticeable modification from previous VanMoofs. A minimum of up until you strike sunshine and those weak LEDs washout practically entirely. The Halo Rings are suggested to reveal speed, charge staying, existing pedal-assist power level, and more through a series of light bars and animations. In general they’re great, if gimmicky, however I do not have much of a requirement for status info when cycling. I likewise didn’t miss out on the old top-tube matrix screen.

Riding a 23kg/ 50.7 pounds VanMoof S5 seems like an S3 albeit with less shifts and an increase button that supplies more torque when attempting to pass somebody or get an early dive off the line. The 5th generation 250W motor of VanMoof style is definitely peaceful, even at its leading speed of 25km/h in Europe (which increases to 20mph in the United States). And the brand-new three-speed e-shifter does a much better task of precisely discovering the best equipment than the S3’s four-speed e-shifter did. I still felt a couple of clinks and spinning pedals, specifically when mashing down hard on the cranks when in a rush. However in general the S5’s predictive moving is much enhanced, specifically when rolling along at a casual speed. Still, it’s not as smooth as the automated shifters from Enviolo, for instance, so there’s still work to be done.

It’s an embarassment VanMoof does not provide a basic belt-drive choice for its e-bikes. That combined with the S5’s torquey increase button would prevent the requirement for any equipments when riding in all however the most uneven environments. That’s why I’m a huge fan of the premium belt-driven pedal-assist e-bikes offered by Ampler and Cowboy. They cost less than the S5 however are likewise more enjoyable to ride thanks to their lighter front ends (both brand names utilize rear-hub motors).

1/ 17

The brand-new incorporated phone install (with USB-C charging port on opposite side).

Regarding variety, VanMoof states I need to have the ability to get 60km on complete power mode. Nevertheless, I was just able to eke out 48.6 km (30.2 miles) from the S5’s 487Wh battery when riding completely power mode and regularly pushing the increase button, in temperature levels that varied from freezing to 15C (59F). That has to do with the very same variety I got when checking the VanMoof S3– 47 km (29.2 miles)– and its larger 504Wh battery. The problem that presently triggers the battery to lose energy over night definitely didn’t assist my variety. The battery can be charged from absolutely no to one hundred percent in a really sluggish 6 hours and thirty minutes by means of the consisted of battery charger.

I had actually been questioning how VanMoof would utilize the brand-new multifunction buttons situated simply listed below the bell and increase buttons. The little button on the right (listed below the increase) let’s you alter your motor power on the fly, while the one left wing (listed below the bell) makes your lights flash, as some type of cautioning to individuals around you. Both of these functions tick boxes on marketing sheets however aren’t extremely beneficial in daily use.

And considering that this is a VanMoof, the battery is incorporated and can just be eliminated throughout upkeep. The business does have a brand-new “click-on” variation (no velcro!) of its extended battery coming for the S5 and A5 that you can charge inside the house.

The dark gray VanMoof S5: too intricate for its own excellent?

I have actually had an irritating issue about VanMoof e-bikes for the last couple of years that I even discussed in the S3 evaluation Are they getting too intricate for their own excellent?

Electric bikes– specifically commuter e-bikes like the S5– undergo everyday wear and tear in all type of climate condition. Even fundamental bikes are challenging to keep when utilized daily and VanMoof’s e-bikes are pricey rolling computer systems.

Truthfully, I might do without the elegant automated chain-driven three-speed shifter, unneeded multifunction buttons, programmable electronic bell, Halo Ring user interface, Apple tracking, and perky noises for start-up, shutdown, and firmware updates. Provide me one equipment and a maintenance-free belt drive along with that torquey increase button on a pedal-assisted e-bike that will get me backward and forward to my workplace every day, no matter what, in design and without stop working. However that’s not the S5.

Do not get me incorrect, the VanMoof S5 is an excellent electrical bike with a longer function list than any other e-bike I can call. It likewise has among the very best networks of service centers readily available in cities worldwide. That is necessary since the majority of S5/ A5 parts are just readily available from VanMoof so ensure you have a service center close by if you have an interest in purchasing.

A lot of beloveds, inadequate eliminating.

VanMoof for all its early covid successes encountered monetary problems at the end of 2022 when it was required to ask financiers for an emergency situation injection of capital simply to foot the bill. However the whole e-bike market was having a hard time post-covid as sales plunged and supply chains wobbled. Rivals like Cowboy and market huge Stella likewise needed to raise money to manage overstock after e-bike stocks swelled.

As excellent as the S5 is, the function set is bordering on gimmickry, in my viewpoint, maybe in an effort to validate its brand-new greater $3,998/ EUR3,498 cost. They’re adorable, amusing, and sure, a little bit beneficial in the beginning. However lots of simply aren’t required for routine commuters. The S5 has a lot of beloveds, and inadequate killing.

For context on that rate, the VanMoof S5 is presently $500 more pricey than the similar Cowboy 4 series and $1,000 more than the easier Ampler Axel Seen in those terms, VanMoof’s rates appears about right.

Is the S5 worth it? I’ll leave that for you to choose in this unpredictable and inflationary world. While it’s absolutely an enhancement over the S3, it’s not two times the bike.

All photography by Thomas Ricker/ The Edge

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