ADU 01210: How to Take on Criticism and the Significance of Structure an Outstanding Frame Of Mind

Today’s program has to do with taking on criticism as a drone company owner.

Entrepreneurship is lonesome. Therefore, dealing with failure and criticism can be tremendously harder for drone company running small companies. And our caller for today, Tom has actually developed an extremely appropriate concern that has actually not been asked on the program prior to.

Drawing from their combined organization experience of more than 3 years, Paul and Rob share some appealing anecdotes and lessons to assist Tom out. Subjects talked about on today’s program consist of the significance of being responsive to feedback, cultivating self-awareness, and establishing an excellent frame of mind.

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  • [00:37] Do you wish to construct a drone group and grow and scale your drone organization? Discover how our most current flight school, PROPS can assist you out
  • [01:57] Today’s concern has to do with taking on criticism as a drone company owner
  • [02:46] How to best take on criticism
  • [04:14] Keeping an open mind and finding out to accept feedback
  • [05:15] The requirement to very first understand yourself totally
  • [08:24] Cultivating strong psychological discipline and work principles
  • [15:18] How to deal with failure
  • [19:38] Conquering your worry of stopping working and helping with a frame of mind shift
  • [23:00] Structure an all-star team and surrounding yourself with individuals smarter than you
  • [27:17] Paul shares his hardest entrepreneurship lesson

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