PERK: Drone Life News 019 – Heavy Lift drones, Dizi drone launch, Percepto approval for BVLOS flights, Airspace security with drones

In our newest episode of Drone Life News reveal we cover all the current updates in the drone market– from brand-new launch to financings, acquisitions.

In our very first sector of the drone life news, we go over whatever about heavy lift drones and how they are significantly ending up being a crucial sector for the drone market. We speak about its applications and how heavy lift drones are being significantly utilized for contemporary applications.

In our next story, we speak about Azur’s Dizi drone launch at nuclear convention with a concentrate on radiation detection and advanced application at nuclear websites.

Successive, we go over CASA’s approval for the Percepto drone for performing BVLOS flights in Australian airspace permitting self-governing flights in the Australian airspace. Find out how this advancement is considerable for the drone market.

In our next story, we go over about the Airspace security domain that is warming up with business getting financing, brand-new acquisitions and collaborations. We speak about Skysafe’s 35 million $ moneying and Axon’s collaboration with Dedrone for counter drone services.

Capture up on all the current drone news and advancements and remain upgraded on all the current news.

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  • [00:33] Whatever about Heavy lift drones and their significance in the Drone market
  • [05:02] Applications of heavy lift drones for attending to contemporary difficulties
  • [09:22] Dizi launch at the nuclear convention for radiation detection
  • [10:53] Percepto gets approval for BVLOS flights
  • [11:55] Air area security warming up with business getting financing for brand-new jobs
  • [12:21] Skysafe gets 35 million $ financing
  • [15:24] Axon that offers tools for police sector, partners with Dedrone to supply drone services for security applications

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