U.S. Oil Production On Track To Strike A Record High This Year

Among my 2023 energy forecasts was “Overall U.S. oil production will once again increase, and set a brand-new yearly production record.” The previous yearly record was embeded in 2019 at 12.3 million barrels daily (bpd), and by the end of 2022 month-to-month production was practically back to that level following the devasting Covid-19 influence on the market in 2020.

Obviously, we do not yet understand if oil production will continue to sneak greater, or whether falling rates will lastly affect production. As I showed when I made the forecast, I seemed like it was a coin turn on whether we would reach a brand-new yearly record, however I favored the affirmative.

A 3rd of the year is now behind us, so let’s sign in on this forecast. The Energy Info Administration (EIA) currently reveals month-to-month production for January and February just. For those 2 months, oil production was 12.5 million bpd, a substantial boost from December 2022’s level of 12.1 million bpd.

For March and April, we need to approximate the production rate based upon the EIA’s weekly Petroleum Status Report (PSR). According to the U.S. Petroleum Balance Sheet for the Week Ending 3/31/2023, the four-week typical oil production for March was 12.2 million bpd. That’s an excellent price quote for March.

Through 3 weeks of April, the production rate had actually increased somewhat to 12.25 million bpd. Last April numbers might differ a bit from this, however it’s close sufficient to offer us a price quote for the very first third of the year.

Balancing the month-to-month numbers for January through April provides a typical year-to-date production of 12.37 million bpd. That will somewhat eclipse the 2019 record if that rate holds for the remainder of the year. It will be close, however as I stated formerly it’s a coin toss.

The most current EIA forecasts are that U.S. petroleum production is anticipated to increase to brand-new records in 2023 and 2024. The EIA projections that U.S. petroleum production will balance 12.4 million bpd in 2023 and 12.8 million bpd in 2024. The primary chauffeurs of this development are anticipated to be increased production in the Permian area and the Federal Offshore Gulf of Mexico.

In conclusion, the very first third of 2023 has actually revealed appealing indications for U.S. oil production, with the possible to go beyond the previous yearly record embeded in 2019. While it stays a close call, the EIA’s forecasts for 2023 and 2024 concur that the market is on track to attain brand-new records in the coming years. This development will unquestionably assist blunt the impact of OPEC and Russia on the U.S. economy and energy landscape.

By Robert Rapier by means of www.rrapier.com

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