Viewpoint|Battling the Book Bans: What We Can Do

To the Editor:

Re “ If You Appreciate Book Bans, You Must Be Following This Claim,” by Michelle Goldberg (column,, May 19):

There is something deeply troubling about what’s taking place to the liberty to select what to believe, what to check out, whom to enjoy, what we finish with our own bodies, and even who we will choose to be.

Checking out Ms. Goldberg’s column about the suit versus the Escambia County School District and Escambia County School Board in Florida over its book prohibiting, I once again felt the outrage and desperation of what can I do, how can we assistance to stop this?

We require to support the vital battle of these moms and dads, curators and all individuals who think that enabling yourself to be exposed to various viewpoints and beliefs is not harmful and will not toxin minds.

The inmost worry that book banners, homophobes and misogynists share is the frightening possibility that reading and thinking may result in questioning, or perhaps difficult, long-held predispositions!

As the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stated, “The arc of the ethical universe is long, however it flexes towards justice.”

Nancy Kohl
Rockville, Md.

To the Editor:

Those attempting to prohibit books due to the fact that they do not like what the books state ought to remember what the scriptural story of Adam and Eve teaches us: Forbidden fruit is constantly appealing.

I hope that trainees will take a look at among the readily available online lists of prohibited books so they can see what Big Sibling does not desire them to check out.

If the books have actually currently been gotten rid of from the racks of the public library, they can purchase the books, read them and pass them on samizdat-style to their good friends.

The trainees can then pleasantly thank Florida’s guv, Ron DeSantis, and others for making such great suggestions in the nick of time for their summertime reading.

Daniel Fink
Beverly Hills, Calif.

To the Editor:

I do not comprehend why in this Florida district the concern was put on moms and dads to decide in to permit their kids to gain access to limited titles in the school library. Those moms and dads raising objections ought to be the ones to pull out, if particular books make them unpleasant.

Thirty years back, when our boy remained in 4th grade, his instructor asked my doctor spouse to provide an age-appropriate class discussion on help. The instructor informed all the moms and dads ahead of time, using them the opportunity to both speak to my spouse and to have their kid go to the library throughout the session if they chose. Throughout the discussion, the school principal beinged in to be sure the discussion was as assured.

The procedure was considerate of moms and dads and trainees; those trainees who went to had clever and thoughtful concerns.

What a contrast to this Florida district’s policy. By giving a misdirected prohibited fruit label to particular books, kids might wind up sensation embarrassed of typical, healthy interest.

Merri Rosenberg
Ardsley, N.Y.

To the Editor:

Re “ Florida School Limits Access to Amanda Gorman’s Inauguration Poem” (, Might 24):

One moms and dad in Florida challenge Amanda Gorman’s magnificent poem “The Hill We Climb up,” and the school board folds like a coward by restricting the access to it. A flexibility limited is a flexibility rejected.

Send out that moms and dad back to the stopping working Florida school, in addition to the school board members who caved in to immature commentary, and have them all compose an essay, “What Makes America Great on the Hill We Climb Up.”

As the poem states:

The brand-new dawn blossoms as we release it
For there is constantly light,
If just we’re brave enough to see it
If just we’re brave enough to be it.

Ted Loewenberg
San Francisco

To the Editor:

Re “ G.O.P. Leaders Should Hold Santos Accountable for Tricking Citizens” (editorial, Might 21):

The editorial is best relating to the extraordinary con that George Santos committed on citizens in New york city’s Third Congressional District. Yes, other chosen authorities have actually brought dishonor to Congress, however Mr. Santos ran for Congress as an impostor, in outfits customized to attract particular sections of our neighborhood.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy states the expulsion of Mr. Santos need to follow previous procedures. However as the editorial mentions, Mr. Santos is an outlier. He never ever represented the “will of individuals.” So those previous procedures do not use.

The editorial highlights Representatives Anthony D’Esposito, Mike Lawler and Tony Gonzalez for acknowledging what is at stake and speaking up. Yet they voted versus expulsion and rather referred the Santos issue back to your home Ethics Committee, where it has actually suffered for 3 months.

The George Santos that Mr. McCarthy is securing to support his political weak point is not the Jewish, half-Black, well-read property magnate with household ties to Holocaust survivors we chose. The G.O.P. requires to exceed lip service to restore public trust.

Jody Kass Finkel
Fantastic Neck, N.Y.
The author is the creator and organizer of Worried People of NY-03, arranged to get rid of Mr. Santos from workplace.

To the Editor:

The editorial board mentioned its case regarding why G.O.P. leaders require to hold Agent George Santos liable, then highlighted this concern: Are members of Congress actually going to “risk their trustworthiness for a bilker”?

You can’t risk what you do not have. Republican leaders have no trustworthiness left due to the fact that of their gullibility and undying obligation to among the best scam artist in American history– our 45th president, who is likewise the Republican politician Celebration’s prominent prospect for the next governmental election.

Why would not they support this bilker, too?

Leslie D. Dye
Santa Fe, N.M.

To the Editor:

Re “ Bakhmut Falls to the Kremlin. What Is Won?” (front page, Might 23):

The debris of Bakhmut stands in mute, stoic defiance of Donald Trump’s current declaration that he does not consider the war in Ukraine “ in regards to winning and losing

The grim ruins of an as soon as complimentary and dynamic city highlight dreadful loss: that of home, normalcy, peace, sovereignty, incomes, limbs and lives.

The losers are the worthy individuals of Ukraine even as they combat steadfastly for success to obtain the sort of win that need to become, even as numerous in the U.S. accept Mr. Trump’s desertion of morality, decency and the honorable mission for liberty.

Ukraine is and need to continue to be our battle too if we are to stand real to our country’s core worths and history.

If we disengage now, we too will stand amongst the losers.

Lawrence Freeman
Alameda, Calif.
The author was a high school instructor of U.S. history, U.S. federal government and journalism.

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