How to Whitewash Brick: A Step-by-Step Guide

If there were a home decoration equivalent of, “Should I cut bangs?,” it might be, “Should I paint my red brick?” Thankfully, you can whitewash brick– a sort of happy medium, like opting for wisps rather of a complete fringe. Unlike finish your surface area in white latex paint, whitewashing brick permits more of the masonry’s natural color and texture to shine through. Completion outcome– whether you’re glossing over an interior brick wall, an outside brick wall, or a brick fireplace— is a charmingly weathered appearance that fits right in with the farmhouse visual In a living-room, for instance, a whitewashed wall can lighten up the whole area. However, most importantly, glossing over brick is a simple do it yourself home enhancement that can be finished in a matter of hours. Listed below, we spoke to paint specialists to get all the ins and outs of the whitewashing strategy.

Suppressing brick, rather than just painting it white with latex paint, permits more of its natural character to reveal through.

Image: Lexi Ribar of Studio Lithe

Is whitewashing brick a great concept?

” Now more than ever, individuals are looking for simple options to upgrade and raise the appearance of existing components in their homes,” states Jess Chewning, assistant item supervisor at Krylon, which provides a ready-to-use whitewash paint called for the farmhouse visual it stimulates. She explains the brand name’s whitewash item as “an economical service that gets rid of the requirement for renovating or remodeling an area, while still permitting property owners to attain a fresh and upgraded contemporary appearance.”

Erika Woelfel, vice president of color and imaginative services at Behr, concurs that the strategy has a the power to change a plethora of areas. “Whitewashing can be an ideal option for both interior and outside brick surface areas, using visual appeal and, when it comes to interior applications, breathability to assist make an area feel and look more open,” she states. Woelfel notes, nevertheless, that it’s vital to get acquainted with the surface area you’re aiming to whitewash before diving into any whitewashing do it yourself tasks. “The sturdiness and upkeep factors to consider might differ, so it’s necessary to examine the particular requirements and conditions of the surface area,” she states. Suppressing may not be perfect for bricks with fractures or structural concerns. Plus, older bricks might be more difficult to clean up, which indicates they may not hold the whitewash along with more recent brick. It’s finest to check the procedure on a little location of brick before investing into a complete brick whitewashing job.

On the brilliant side, there’s a specific degree of modification included with whitewashing, implying you can change the procedure to get the appearance you like. Madison Geil of the paint brand name Giani states the business’s Brick Transformations whitewash paint is “a stain that permeates the surface area of genuine brick, rather than a film-forming finish on the outside. Our dilution system enables different levels of protection, that makes the item flexible for numerous appearances as chosen by the client.” Due to the fact that whitewashing includes utilizing watered down paint, changing the ratio of water to paint can produce a more, or less, nontransparent impact based upon the DIYer’s taste.

What type of paint do you utilize to whitewash brick?

Brick Transformations Whitewashed Package

You can produce your own whitewash by watering down white latex paint with water. Or, for a lighter lift, you can opt for a premixed choice, such as the choice from Krylon produced indoor usage on brick, wood, concrete, and stone. Giani makes a whitewash paint developed for brick (though it does include some watering down) along with a Whitewashed Package that includes all the materials you’ll require for the job.

For how long will whitewash brick last?

” As a penetrative stain, Brick Transformations is a rather irreversible surface,” states Geil. “Similar to any finish, over a substantial time period, the natural brick color might end up being more noticable.” Woelfel includes that the sturdiness of whitewashing on brick can depend upon different aspects, consisting of the particular range of brick and the preparation and application of the whitewash, along with the surface area’s direct exposure to climate condition. “Routine touch-ups or reapplications every couple of years might be required to keep the wanted look,” Woelfel states.

How do you whitewash brick?

By utilizing a thinned-out white paint and cleaning excess paint away before it can totally soak into the brick’s permeable surface area, you’ll attain a more transparent appearance than you would by just painting brick. In this manner, you can still take pleasure in a touch of the product’s natural tone.

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