Several New Niobium/REE Targets at Wabli Creek Job, Yinnetharra, W.A.

Reach Resources Limited (ASX: RR1 & & RR1O) (” Reach” or “the Business”) is delighted to describe a considerable extension to the Niobium/REE targets following an external evaluation from Sugden Geoscience on soil assay results, from its 100% owned Wabli Creek Job.


  • Assay arises from a tenement-wide soil study have actually recognized 16 brand-new strong, meaningful Niobium/Rare Earth Component (REE) abnormalities at the Business’s 100% owned Wabli Creek Job.
  • The outcomes show a considerable extension to the formerly reported Niobium/REE targets recognized at the north-western margin of the task location within tenement E09/2377 (ASX Statements 01 June & & 28 June 2023), (Figure 1).
  • Several brand-new targets recognized throughout both Wabli Creek tenements (E09 2377– Wabli Creek) and (E09 2748– Wabli Creek North) (Figures 2 & & 3 ).
  • The leading 3 concern targets specify a semi-continuous arcuate zone of strong anomalism crossing 4km’s which might show a typical source/tectono-stratigraphic control.
  • Extremely anomalous rock chip results formerly reported consist of, Niobium:
    • 32% Nb2O5 (ASX Statement 1 June 2023) (Figure 1)
    • 14.3% Nb2O5 (ASX Statement 1 June 2023) (Figure 1)

Uncommon earth aspects:

    • 2.57% TREO (ASX Statement 13 December 2022) (Figure 1)
  • None of the targets have actually been formerly drill evaluated.
  • RR1 prepares to carry out methodical rock chip tasting, mapping and drilling in 2024, when all regulative approvals, consisting of heritage studies, are acquired.

Tenements E09/2377 (Wabli Creek) and E09/2748 (Wabli Creek North) together make up the Wabli Creek Job location (Figures 2 & & 3).

Found in the extremely potential Gascoyne “Battery Metals” Province of Western Australia, the soil assay results overview numerous strong, meaningful geochemical abnormalities a sign of Niobium, REE and Lithium mineral systems.

An overall of 1,489 soil samples were taken throughout the 2 tenements. Testing was usually carried out along 200m to 100m spaced lines with a 100m to 50m sample spacing, to examine the possible level of the top-quality Niobium/REE event recognized in the northwest of E09 2377 (ASX Statement 01 June and 28 June 2023), and to more examine the more comprehensive capacity of both tenements.

Describe Annexure 1 for a summary of considerable soil outcomes and Annexure 2 for all soil results.

Arise from the soil study were analyzed by the Business’s Consulting Geochemist, Sugden Geoscience. An overall of 16 concern targets ranked from 1 to 4 have actually been recognized (listed below), for more assessment, which will consist of rock chip tasting, mapping and eventually drill screening.

The assay outcomes have actually plainly recognized a considerable extension to the top-quality Niobium/Rare Earth Components (” REE”) target formerly recognized which has actually returned outcomes as much as 32% Nb2O5, 14.3% Nb2O5 and 2.57% Overall Uncommon Earth Oxides (” TREO”) (ASX Statement 1 June 2023).

Jeremy Bower CEO commented:

” We are thrilled to reveal that our massive soil study has actually verified a considerable extension to the top-quality Niobium/REE target near the western margin of tenement E09/2377.

Not just have we had a professional geochemist recognize a big extension to the formerly reported high grade Niobium and REE as much as 14.3% Nb2O5 and 2.57% TREO, we now have targets on a different 2nd tenement in the Wabli Creek task location (Wabli Creek North).

It is very important to comprehend that the target location is considerable, and with numerous brand-new targets with strong multi-element pathfinder geochemical signatures throughout both tenements (Wabli Creek and Wabli Creek North), the scale of prospectivity throughout the period is really engaging.

We stay dedicated to carrying out a systematic method to our evaluation, with every phase created to fine-tune our last targets ahead of drill screening.

The Future is within Reach”

Figure 1: Previous rock chip results & & mapping at Wabli Creek (ASX Statement 28 June 2023)

Figure 2: Big Nb target extension from previous work and infect a 2nd Business tenement at Wabli Creek North, Yinnetharra, W.A. Rock chips have actually been formerly reported.

Normal geochemical “finger prints” for these designs of mineralisation are as follows:

  • Niobium: Nb, Zr, Ta, Hf, F, Y, Th, U, REE
  • Uncommon Earth Components: TREO
  • Lithium- LCT Pegmatites: B, Be, Cs, Ga, Hf, K, Li, Mn, Nb, P, Rb, REE’s, Sn, Ta, W & & Zr

( Note: Components showed in strong are the primary product aspects)

Provided the resemblances of pathfinder aspect signatures for each of these deposit designs and spatial patterns, a weighted amount was determined to recognize and rank targets that included the primary product and the appropriate supporting aspects. The targeting research study was carried out by Sugden Geoscience utilizing the levelled weighted amount and RR1’s soil and, where readily available, historic rock chip information. Weighted amount modelling is a technique based upon anticipation worrying the mineral system( s) of interest. It is a market accepted treatment identified as being an easy and useful method of integrating multi-element geochemical information to concentrate on a specific metallogenetic and/or geochemical association.

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This short article consists of material from Reach Resources, accredited for the function of publishing on Investing News Australia. This short article does not make up monetary item suggestions. It is your duty to carry out correct due diligence before acting on any info offered here. Please describe our complete disclaimer here


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