FOA’s Sieffert on ‘huge pivot’ in 2023, reverse home mortgage chances ahead

Financing of America Business (FOA) President Kristen Sieffert is bullish on the potential customers for the reverse home mortgage market’s leading lending institution in 2024, especially after the business went through a series of significant modifications in 2015, consisting of the acquisition of American Advisors Group (AAG).

This is according to an interview with Sieffert included on “ 10 Minute Talks,” an interview series hosted by HousingWire President Diego Sanchez including home mortgage or property leaders in the market growing their organizations throughout a tough real estate market.

In addition to resolving the modifications carried out by FOA and Financing of America Reverse (FAR) in 2015, Sieffert likewise talked about wider macroeconomic patterns and what it might require to bridge the space in between levels of service in the forward and reverse home mortgage markets.

2023’s ‘huge pivot’ at FOA, AAG acquisition

FOA ended up being the leading lending institution in the market practically over night with the AAG acquisition.

” We went through a huge pivot in 2015, and we are entirely focused today on truly assisting the modern-day senior citizen reimagine what their retirement years might appear like through the power of their home equity,” Sieffert stated. “We believe there’s an actually huge chance for [the concept of] home equity being utilized to assist fund retirements to [become] a mainstream principle. It currently remains in other nations, so that’s our factor for being.”

Kristen Sieffert, president of leading reverse mortgage lender Finance of America Companies.
Kristen Sieffert

When inquired about the hidden techniques for such relocations, Sieffert stated that it eventually boiled down to figuring out a development chance particularly in the reverse area.

” It was truly extremely clear to the group that we had an outsized chance to grow in the reverse market,” she stated. “The tailwinds as it associates with the marketplace characteristics, the demographics, and the truth that the market truly still hasn’t scratched the surface area on the chance [was] an actually huge and interesting thing that all of us felt.”

FOA did formerly have a forward home mortgage department however chosen to shutter it in 2022 and pivot totally to the reverse home mortgage and retirement funding classifications. Combining its resources appeared a sensible relocation, Sieffert stated.

” We might put all of our resources and energy behind [that] and have a larger chance to win in this location,” she stated. “It was likewise the location where we were the most developed. We have actually been the biggest wholesaler in our area for a long time and AAG was the biggest merchant, [so] bringing these business together truly provided us a distinct structure to do truly huge things in the future.”

Evaluating forward vs. reverse

When inquired about the prospective chances in reverse when compared to the forward service, Sieffert stated it boiled down to evaluating the competitive landscape and determining the greatest method the business might make a splash in its strong service.

” As it associated to the forward service when we took a look at the peers that we were completing versus, there was a long method to go to bridge the space in several locations,” she stated. “Even in innovation, the important things that we would require to purchase to reach those peers[presented a challenge] When we took an action back and we took a look at the macro characteristics going on, the reverse market was simply a terrific location for us to focus all of our energy.”

The chance ended up being clearer with the AAG acquisition, and the business debt consolidation of that group, the tradition FAR wholesale group along with the business’s item advancement experts.

The episode of “10 Minute Talks” including Kristen Sieffert.

” We have this truly smart capital markets engine, also, that has actually enabled us to be really ingenious as it associates with bringing unique items to market,” Sieffert stated.

The business uses a suite of private-label reverse home mortgage items under its “HomeSafe” brand name, that includes a couple of various variations consisting of a just recently broadened second-lien reverse home mortgage that is not available to debtors of the Federal Real Estate Administration (FHA)- sponsored Home Equity Conversion Home Mortgage (HECM) program. Such alternatives, Sieffert discussed, just aren’t readily available to business on the forward side.

” We can do those things in the reverse market,” she stated. “Those opportunities weren’t truly readily available for us in the forward market. Therefore once again, we believe that the outsized chance for development remains in the market that we’re concentrated on today.”

The exclusive landscape for FOA

When inquired about FOA’s exclusive items, Sieffert discussed that the much deeper dive into that side of the market happened from a regulation bied far by the chairman of its board in 2013.

” Among the important things that he stated to us is [that] he truly wished to make it possible for and empower our group to bring exclusive back items back to market,” she stated. “We had some in the market, pre-2008. 2008 altered whatever, and the market was truly simply living off of the HECM item at the time.”

Being beholden to one item that has its terms determined by the federal government demanded FOA to bring other offerings to the market, she stated.

” Every year, there would be various modifications made [to the HECM program],” she stated. “A few of those modifications would come out of left field, a few of them truly put the market into tough areas. We truly wished to include something to our item suite that provided us a bit more control of our own service, so that we might be the masters of our own fate rather of being order-takers to the important things that were going on around us.”

Still, Sieffert and FOA appreciate of the HECM program, she discussed.

” We’re really grateful for the HECM program,” she stated. “There’s been a lot incredible work carried out in partnership with Ginnie Mae and FHA over the previous couple of years, specifically. However we truly believe that to have a prospering business, we require more than simply one item in our suite.”

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