Supply Chain Management motorized by Artificial Intelligence

Innovative approach now in the process of automation with the Supply chain management is where the human processes and activities are replaced by the machine which of course has become the need of the hour. As the business and technology continuously evolve, redesigning the existing systems and strategies has be looked upon for the development and been known as Smart Industry. The potential of technology is amazing which integrates high competences in the role of operations. The best way to automate and robotize the processes is with Artificial intelligence (AI).  

Technology brings more flexibility into the business with new solutions and conveniences, shoves the customer expectations to ultimate satisfaction. 

The modern approach, what can we expect from AI for SCM? 

AI has the potential to solve complex problems and it pioneers in the complete utilization in the supply chain management. Deriving the functions encompasses the inventory management, planning, scheduling the inventory, decision making process, and completes control of the inventory, contributes to the automatic procurement, warehouse predictive management, complete logistics, governance of the node units, client relationship management, and finance, growth tracking, identifying opportunities, and implementing security.  

The AI driven application opens dramatic changes and powerful opportunities! 

The digital foundation provided to Supply Chain Management integrates better potential to scalability, creates value for time and energy, business operations are cheaper, promises customer satisfaction and over the period it proves better RoI.  

Planning and control – Inventory 

Inventory need constant planning in the SCM and it needs to be updated with accuracy and real-time. Sometimes, the expected quantity, demands, the magnitude, delivery and forecast will be handled with a new approach and with dynamic technology integration. Thus the effectiveness gets increased by 80% and the errors of the conventional methods are drastically reduced.  

The machine learning is behind that works to analyse and bring the learning output. It forecasts the available products and the stock details in each of the outlets; it detects automatically the fast moving items and plans the required quantity well ahead of the demand.  

Distribution/ Supply to the outlets 

In the age of AI the competence is astonishing and it shapes the industry with the automation and growth when compared to the traditional models. So is the same with the distribution management which extends wider with the context of capability and efficiency. The transportation design which is automatically suggested and the freight, vehicle routing, parking space, delivery are optimised at the right time and optimised efforts and cost. The suggestion and the design are accommodated easily with the AI which weighs based on the pattern and the data.  

Demand forecasting 

The upcoming expected demand, the need for promotions and campaigns makes it handy for the management to take the planning further. The volatile and uncertain demands can be forecasted based on the environment and the data underlying the pattern. The prediction does not miss on any details and hence outperforms the conventional methods. The movement of goods from the hub to the outlets and the distribution based on demand can be derived.  

Outlet Management 

All the factory outlets can be managed with simplicity, the automated notification, the recommended stocks, the availability analysis, the fund allocation, the default order bookings and one touch updates makes it most revolutionary and simple. Managing numerous outlets shall not be a hindrance anymore.  

Operational AI Implications 

  • Chatbot’s – This relies on the big data and the performance capability is intelligent for the recurring tasks. It talks to the enquires, suppliers, accounting, procurements, handles requests, processes invoices and more on all the regular tasks yet with the utmost accuracy. The implications are elimination of errors, saves on manpower, and speed with instant deliveries. Pleases all the stakeholders. 
  • Forecasting Tool – Proving better than the human analysis, it strategizes the plans for the business based on the inventory and handles the demand and supply with the right match and balance of capability, availability and requirements. 
  • Re-shaping the warehouse – Along with the forecasting tool the algorithms brilliantly work to optimize the warehouse stock. This is primarily important as it is understood both the scenario of over or under stocking is hazardous to the business. The projects embedded with RFID code makes it simpler to track the movement.  
  • The Logistics Planning and Implementations – The important function of SCM is the transportation where the competition hits high. The potential of AI is to the extent of Autonomous Vehicles along with the less lead time, cost, safety and promptness. This functions with effectiveness as when compared to the human handling. The RFID built-in products have a novel drone delivery mode which is faster and personalized. With the cutting-edge technology.  
  • NLP and Device agnostic – Handing the SCM in multi-language along with the convenience of device friendly, the stakeholders can govern the requirements from their mobiles and get the read of the details with the built-in assistant. The customer relationship gets enhances to greater levels. 

Among the many human manned works, AI is a revolutionary technology which aids most of the recurring functions and the ability to make decisions much better than the human involvement.  

Thus it positions distinguished and it proves to be the ultimate solution not to the affordable but to all as it fetches good RoI in a reasonable span of time and improves your business multi-fold.  We have pioneered in the SCM application to different industries and our ready-to-use products will give you a better insight. Join us to brainstorm your requirements and let’s do a predictive analysis for your enterprising success! Connect here 

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