Google Home is officially ready for your Matter devices and apps

Posted by Kevin Po, Group Product Manager

Earlier this Fall, the Connectivity Standards Alliance released the Matter 1.0 standard and certification program, officially launching the industry into a new era of the smart home.

We are excited to share that Google Nest and Android users are now ready for your Matter-enabled devices and apps. Many Android devices from Google and our OEM partners now support the new Matter APIs in Google Play services so you can update and build apps to support Matter. Google Nest speakers, displays, and Wi-Fi routers have been updated to work as hubs, and we have also updated Nest Wifi Pro, Nest Hub Max and the Nest Hub (2nd gen) to work as Thread border routers, so users can securely connect your Thread devices.

Our top priority is to ensure both customers and developers have high-quality, reliable Matter devices. We are starting with Android devices and Google Nest speakers and displays, which are now Matter-enabled. These devices are ready to help users set up, automate, and use your devices wherever they interact with Google. Next up, we are working on bringing Google Home app iOS support for Matter devices in early 2023, and support to other Nest devices such as Nest Wifi and Nest Thermostat.

Building With Google Home

As companies all over are shifting their focus to prioritize Matter, we have also expanded the resources available in the Google Home Developer Center to better support you in building your Matter devices — from beginning to end. At this one-stop-shop for anyone interested in developing smart home devices and apps with Google, developers can now create and launch seamless Matter integrations with Google Home, apply for Works with Google Home certification, customize their product’s out of box experience in the Google Home app and on Android and more. Let’s dive into what’s new.

Even More Tools In Our SDKs

We have been dedicated to building the most helpful tools to assist you in building Matter-enabled products and apps. We announced two software development kits for both device and mobile developers that make it easier to build with the open-source Matter SDK and integrate your devices and apps with Google. We’ve made them available to help with the development of your newest smart devices and apps.

  • Google Home Device SDK
    • Documentation and tutorials
    • Sample apps
  • Google Home Mobile SDK
    • Device commissioning APIs
    • Multi-admin (sharing) APIs
    • Thread credential APIs
    • Documentation and tutorials
    • Google Home Sample app for Matter

Works With Google Home Certification

Matter devices integrated and tested through the Google Home Developer Center can carry the Works With Google Home badge, which earlier this year replaced the Works With Hey Google badge. This badge gives users the utmost confidence that your devices work seamlessly with Google Home and Android.

Early Access Program Partner Testimonials

We understand that you want to build innovative and high quality product integrations as quickly as possible, and we built our SDKs and tools to help you do just that. Since announcing earlier this year, we have worked closely with dozens of Early Access Program (EAPs) partners to ensure the tools we have created in the Google Home Developer Console can achieve what we set out to do, before making them widely available to you all today.

We’ve asked some of our EAP partners to share more about their experience building Matter devices with Google, to give you more insight on how building with Google’s end-to-end tools for Matter devices and apps can make a difference in your innovation and development process. After working closely with our partners, we are confident our tools allow you to accelerate time-to-market for your devices, improve reliability, and let you differentiate with Google Home while having interoperability with other Matter platforms.

  • From Eve Systems: “The outstanding expertise and commitment of the teams in Google’s Matter Early Access Program enabled us to leverage the potential of our products. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Google on Matter, an extraordinary project that has Thread at the heart.”
  • From Nanoleaf: “Nanoleaf has been working closely with Google as part of the Matter Early Access Program to bring Matter 1.0 to life. It’s been a pleasure collaborating with Google the past few years; the team’s vision of the helpful home deeply resonates with our goal of creating a smart home that is both intelligent and personalized to each person living in it. We’re very excited to see that vision borne out in Google’s initial Matter offering, and can’t wait to continue building on the potential of Matter together.”
  • From Philips Hue: “For us especially, the Matter Early Access Platform releases with documentation and instructions have been very useful. It meant we could already start Matter integration testing between Philips Hue and Google on early builds, to ensure seamless interoperability in the final release.”
  • From Tuya: “As a long-term ecosystem partner and an authorized solution provider of Google, Tuya has contributed to a wider application and implementation of Matter, as well as promotion of Matter globally together. In the future, we will continue to strengthen cooperation between Google and Tuya by integrating both parties’ ecosystems, technologies, and channels to support the implementation of Matter to enable global customers to achieve commercial success in the smart home and other industries.”

Ready To Build?

We are excited to see Matter come to life and the devices you build to further shape the smart home. Get started building your Matter devices today and stay up to date on our recent updates in the Google Home Developer Center.

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