SAP Labs Interview Experience 2023

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Recently SAP labs came to Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham for campus hiring for 2023 B.Tech. SAP hiring consists of 5 rounds

  • online coding test
  • Technical round 1
  • Technical round 2
  • Managerial Round
  • HR

Online test: They asked two questions based on DSA

Technical round 1: They asked about resumes and projects in detail and few questions on python.

Technical round 2: They asked about resumes and projects in detail and went deep on networks, OS, and DSA.

  • In networks, they asked about OSI implementation in MS teams and Whatsapp conversations
  • In OS they asked about paging, segmentation, race condition, deadlock
  • In DSA they asked about Finding a loop in a linked list

Managerial round: They asked me to introduce myself and after they asked questions on DBMS and DSA and few managerial questions

  • DBMS: She asked me to create a database for the library management system and later asked for SQL query from those assumed tables.
  • DSA: She asked me to write a method to delete a node from the linked list
  • Managerial questions: Strengths, weakness, toughest moments in your college/life

In HR: Madam asked me to introduce myself and enquired about job preference and location preference.


  • Try to explain your projects very clearly.
  • Try to be confident while answering.
  • Whatever you know try to express it.
  • If you are unable to present exact logic for a particular coding problem try to explain your way of solving it by stating it as your own method.
  • When they ask you whether you have any questions, then try to ask company-related questions so that it will create some good opinions.

In managerial and HR rounds when they ask to introduce themselves try to fetch you with company ideology.

All the best!!!

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