ADU 01249: What is the best drone for getting close-up shots/video ?

With multiple drones available in the market today, what qualifies to be the preferred drone for pilots intending to take close up aerial images and videos?

Today’s question is from Earl who would like to know the preferred drone for close up aerial shots and videos. We answer Earl’s questions by first addressing the noise generated from a drone when performing close to subject missions for aerial photo shots and the absolute need for pilots to plan such missions considering all the subjects in the vicinity of the shot.

Next we discuss some options available to drone pilots taking close-up aerial shots and how these options can aid a drone pilot to take better aerial images. We then discuss some of the drone options available for pilots including the Mavic 3, Inspire 2 with X7, Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual Advanced. Paul also discusses some options available on the Mavic 3 relevant for close aerial shoots (more can be found on Drone U’s review of the Mavic 3).

Lastly, we discuss about Optical and Digital zoom and lens options that can assist drone pilots and the relevance of understanding editing vs no-editing option and how this can drive drone selection and how pilots can fly for logistical purposes.

Aerial Imagery and close shots are a requirement most drone pilots desire and you don’t want to miss this show to know all the options available !

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[09:20] Today’s question on best drones for close-up aerial and video shots
[13:45] Addressing the noise generated from drone flights during events and the importance of planning
[17:18] Shooting aerial photos and the options pilots have for aerial imagery

[18:17] Mavic 3 as a preferred drone for aerial photos

[18:43] Inspire 2 with an X7 and flight options available for pilots

[20:40] Optical zoom vs Digital Zoom and lens options

[23:22] Mavic 2 E Dual Adv and other alternatives for capturing aerial imagery

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