ADU 01184: What is the Best and Most Efficient Workflow for Drone Search And Rescue?

Today, we recommend the optimum workflow for drone search and rescue.

Our caller for today, Karl conducted a drone search and rescue to locate a missing dog. However, unfortunately, it seems that his mission was not really successful. So, on today’s show, we reveal the best and most efficient workflow for a moving target. You will learn the four acquisition methods that you can possibly use in drone search and rescue.

And you will also learn how you can use image recognition software to autonomously scan images. We hope you enjoy this show.

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  • [00:47]We are launching a new fire safety program soon
  • [03:48]As the economy picks up, there is renewed demand for drone jobs
  • [04:43]Our in-person training’s are back
  • [06:45]Today’s question is about drone search and rescue
  • [07:44]Things to consider while doing a drone search and rescue
  • [08:53]How to autonomously scan images and compress your project time frame
  • [09:43]The four acquisition methods for a moving target while conducting a search and rescue operation
  • [11:45]How do you verify that you have captured the entire area with your drone
  • [13:13]Why Pix4D React is the best software for search and rescue
  • [14:08]Using image recognition software to analyze images
  • [16:15]Can you review images in real-time?
  • [20:15]We sum up today’s show

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