Putting the Customer First, Not the Residential or commercial property, Even on Television

Joey Ben-Zvi understands how to draw in attention. The media-savvy representative with The Company in Beverly Hills, Calif., is quick going far for himself with multimillion-dollar offers and the cinema-quality videos he produces for his high-end listings. At 26, he is among the youngest representatives at the prominent billion-dollar brokerage, which has actually represented Michael Jackson, Prince and the Walt Disney estate, and he’s currently co-founded his own group– the BZP Group– within the business.

He’s likewise making a splash in the home entertainment world as a cast member on “ Purchasing Beverly Hills,” which narrates the everyday organization of The Company– and struck the Netflix top-ten list for television in the U.S. and in numerous nations worldwide with its launching. Though he’s surrounded by television and home entertainment veterans like The Company CEO Mauricio Umansky and his 2 children, all long time stars of “The Genuine Homemakers of Beverly Hills,” and representative Sonika Vaid, a finalist on “American Idol,” Ben-Zvi has actually become a fan preferred thanks to his strong organization design and competition with fellow representative Ben Belack.

Ben-Zvi talked to Culture Scan just recently about his escalating profession, his ingenious marketing, and his belief that the secret to success– even in the ultracompetitive high-end market– is concentrating on the most essential individual in any property deal: the customer.

Q: What triggered your interest in property? And what was the course that led you to The Company?

A: In high school and in college, I was interning for an effective industrial property business that focused on high-end retail. Throughout that time, I noted my affinity for property. I have actually understood Mauricio and Alexia [Umansky’s daughter, also an agent at The Agency] for a very long time. However when I initially approached The Company, I didn’t state anything to either of them. I wished to enter fresh with somebody who didn’t understand me. I in fact went to Mauricio’s partner and asked him to provide me 15 minutes of his time. That 15 minutes developed into 2 hours. After that, I was on my method. Now, we provide a fresh point of view with the BZP Group. However we still collaborate. BZP is presently dealing with Mauricio on a $20 million offer.

You have actually been extremely effective at a young age. Do you have any suggestions for other representatives simply starting or for more recognized representatives who wish to take their profession to the next level?

This suggestions has actually constantly worked for me: Simply go. You’re never ever going to discover unless you take the shot. I have actually constantly had an aspect of valiancy– not stressing over strolling into a space where I’m the youngest individual there. Mauricio has actually constantly been the very same method– he’s remained in numerous circumstances where he was the underdog in the space. And among my heroes is Kobe Bryant, who was as soon as simply a 17-year-old in the NBA prior to he ended up being a star. You need to ask yourself: Are you ready to take the actions to go to the next level? It’s everything about taking the shot.

You have actually produced some stunning videos to display your listings, like this one that highlights a residential or commercial property called “The Roxbury.” Could you take us into your imaginative procedure?

It’s everything about painstaking information. It’s me appearing to the residential or commercial property with a leaf blower. It’s leaving simply the correct amount of leaves if they develop the ideal state of mind– or if they’re the ideal color orange. It’s down to a $3 million vintage Ferrari sourced from among our customers. It’s utilizing videographer Tony Pillow, who has actually dealt with Jaden Smith and Justin Bieber, and who was likewise a customer on BZP’s first-ever offer. It’s staging lights on the residential or commercial property and on the landscape. It’s days of recording– a complete day to strategy. And you need to make the video specific to the marketplace. A truly superior video is everything about long-lasting ROI. If we do right by our customers, it will return to us. You can’t simply deal with the short-term. It’s taken us 3 years to construct our video know-how, and now it belongs to our brand name.

What has the experience of recording a hit series resembled for you as a young representative? And how do you stabilize your deal with the program with all the work that enters into your property profession?

I do not understand if balance is for me. However I do have a great deal of assistance. I’m fortunate to have the ideal facilities, the ideal individuals around me. Every day I get to deal with property and television veterans who have actually produced numerous millions in sales.

However it’s hectic. I keep in mind one month in specific when I was recording 40 hours a week and doing $25 million in sales. Luckily, I have an excellent group around me, and Mauricio is important, offering a great deal of insight. And a great deal of the time on the program, you’ll see me dealing with property, working my craft. So I get to do both [TV and real estate] at the very same time.

television reveals naturally require to develop remarkable stress. Just how much of your competitors with fellow representative Ben Belack on “Purchasing Beverly Hills” is authentic, and just how much is for the video cameras?

I have a secret love affair with Ben Belack. However seriously, though a few of the competitors is highlighted a bit, it’s truly there. At the very same time, we likewise collaborate and make each other much better. I simply had a three-hour discussion with Ben about developing out my group. However you can see in our sales this year that I’m beginning to rise in the ranks– which is something Ben notifications, too. [A competitive environment] produces sped up development. All of us have love for each other. We assist each other grow. However this is a genuine competitors, and it gets intense.

One important takeaway from the program is the value of relationships and how making authentic connections with individuals can cause success. Can you provide some insight into how you create long lasting relationships with customers?

Establishing long-lasting relationships has actually certainly been the most significant winning concept in my profession. It’s how BZP lives every day, and what our company believe. For BZP, durability of relationships is more vital than the fast sale. It does not matter what commission is on the line. We constantly believe in regards to looking after the customer. We have actually lost on some offers due to the fact that we were acting in the customers’ benefits. And when individuals see that we want to lose due to the fact that we put customers initially, they wish to deal with us. So we have actually lost some however likewise got. We now have customers who will just deal with us– due to the fact that they understand we’ll watch out for them. If you put the customer initially– truly and deep in your heart– you will get long-lasting wins.

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