ADU 01291: How can I perform low elevation mapping with my drone?

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Nowadays’s program is a short lived rapid one the place we take care of the minimal peak a drone can fly for appearing a mapping goal.

Our fear for these days is from Marc, who’s making plans to map a cemetery and needs to fly actually on the subject of the bottom for mapping the site. Thank you for the fear, Marc.
On this rapid podcast we take care of the minimal peak for photogrammetric targets and the way pilots can fly not up to 10 ft and gather knowledge. We likewise quilt the movements for low peak knowledge acquisition. Music in these days!!

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[01:40] Nowadays’s fear on how low can a drone fly for a photogrammetry goal
[02:48] Whats the minimal a drone can fly for a mapping goal
[03:31] Our thought for acquisition of data at low heights

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