Galaxy S23 Ultra video gaming with Samsung Dex is the very best of both worlds

Playing Call of Duty Mobile on a monitor using Samsung Dex

Adam Birney/ Android Authority

As somebody who has actually never ever been a big mobile player, I never ever believed I ‘d discover myself applauding a mobile phone for its video gaming abilities. I constantly chose utilizing my phone for basic puzzle video games like Tetris and Sudoku or card video games like Marvel Snap For graphics-intensive experiences, I would generally rely on consoles, and I still believe the PS5 or Xbox Series X provides an unequalled video gaming experience on the cinema. Nevertheless, my point of view altered when I got my hands on the Galaxy S23 Ultra and found its video gaming capacity.

Prior to I dive into my experience, I ought to discuss the powerhouse that drives this gadget: the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor The one inside the Galaxy S23 series is a beefed-up variation of the routine chip, boasting much faster CPU and GPU clock speeds than its predecessors and topping the Android criteria charts. As an outcome, the chipset flies through the most recent and biggest mobile video games.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy processor is produced video gaming.

When you match the phone with its typically ignored Samsung Dex function, it opens an entire brand-new horizon for video gaming. Dex has actually been around for a long period of time, enabling users to turn their Samsung phones into a desktop experience with a screen. Nevertheless, I never ever discovered much usage for it because I typically had a effective laptop computer to run the programs I require. However something I can’t do extremely well with my laptop computer is run video games on it, because it does not have a devoted GPU. Then it struck me; I might play a lot of fantastic video games on the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and link it to a video gaming display or television.

How to utilize Samsung Dex for video gaming

My Samsung Dex desk gaming setup

Adam Birney/ Android Authority

Older Samsung phones, such as the S22 or S21 Ultra, are likewise appropriate for Dex video gaming, however there’s no rejecting the S23 provides the very best efficiency. Besides the phone, all you require is an HDMI to USB-C cable television (ideally one efficient in outputting 4K at 60 fps), a cordless controller, and you’re off to the races.

Although Samsung Dex can work wirelessly with a Windows PC or a screen geared up with Miracast or Chromecast, I suggest a wired connection to minimize screen-to-device latency. Wireless connections are restricted to 30 fps, too, while a cable television can take you to 60 fps. In addition, rather of a cable television, you can utilize an adapter with an Ethernet port, such as a Steam Deck dock, to remove latency from the cordless network if you do not have a quick Wi-Fi router.

All you require is a Galaxy phone, HDMI adapter, and cordless controller, and you’re set.

For my display screen, I utilized the Agon Pro, a QHD mini-LED video gaming display, which was possibly little overkill with a 240Hz revitalize rate. However you do not require the highest-spec video gaming display to take pleasure in playing video games off your phone.

When it comes to the cordless controller, you can utilize any Bluetooth controller, such as the Xbox One controller, however I would suggest Sony’s DualSense rather. That’s since you can utilize the touchpad at the center of the controller as a trackpad for your mouse, which can be quite valuable if you require to pick something on the screen rapidly.

What it resembles utilizing the Galaxy S23 for big-screen video gaming

S23 Ultra on keyboard displaying a list of games

Adam Birney/ Android Authority

Samsung Dex masters the video gaming department, supporting native Android video gaming, cloud video gaming, and emulation with robust efficiency. Let’s have a look at some examples from each classification.

Not all video games directly from the Google Play Shop assistance cordless controllers, which might make it challenging to play touch-screen-only video games. However popular titles like Call of Task Mobile do, and it’s exceptionally enjoyable. If it’s your very first time playing, one drawback is that you can’t utilize a cordless controller to finish the guide phase. Once you surpass that, set a controller, and can get in multiplayer matches, it ends up being a little a guilty enjoyment to finest everybody else attempting to intend and shoot with a touchscreen. The video game runs efficiently and looks fantastic on a bigger screen, and you can change all the settings to your preference, consisting of appearance level of sensitivity and button mapping.

Whether you’re playing set up video games or streaming from the cloud, Dex can do all of it.

If you do not wish to play video games in your area on the gadget, Samsung DeX works well with cloud video gaming services such as Xbox Video Game Pass, which lets users stream full-fledged console video games. I attempted playing Forza Horizon, a next-gen video game from Xbox Video game Pass, which ran efficiently without any obvious latency problems. There were a couple of frame stutters sometimes and periodic pixelation with the making, however absolutely nothing that made it unplayable. However action-adventure video games with 2D art designs like Tunic or Hades look as excellent as if they were working on an Xbox Series X. And if you have not yet gotten your hands on a PS5 or the Xbox Series X, the experience here is on par with past-generation consoles.

Dolphin emulator on S23 Ultra

Adam Birney/ Android Authority

The S23 Ultra is likewise an extremely effective video gaming emulator The majority of video games from previous generation consoles, portable or not, are no issue for the Snapdragon Gen 2 processor. Games on a Video game Young boy Advance emulator and a PlayStation One emulator ran without problems. On the other hand, Dolphin Emulator, a GameCube and Wii emulator, worked extremely well running video games like Super Mario Sunlight and Simpsons Struck & & Run. I can’t worry enough how astonishing it is that something I can bring around in my pocket is completely efficient in matching the video gaming hardware I played maturing.

It blows my mind that something I bring in my pocket can recreate the efficiency of previous video gaming consoles.

Even the audio quality when utilizing the phone speakers is remarkably excellent. The S23 Ultra is among the loudest phones I have actually ever utilized, providing outstanding volume from the down-firing speaker without any distortion, even at the greatest setting. You can link some Bluetooth speakers, however I didn’t discover them required. And whenever I desired personal listening, I simply appeared my Galaxy Buds 2 Pro for smooth pairing.

Dex is fantastic for both work and play

Lightroom on Dex

Adam Birney/ Android Authority

Besides video gaming, Samsung Dex enables users to run several apps at the same time. It supports resolutions approximately 1440p, making it an outstanding service for different usage cases, consisting of work, image, and video modifying. Apps like Adobe Lightroom assistance Dex mode with complete mouse performance and gesture controls, where you can double-tap to right-click, for instance, that makes it simpler to modify images on the fly. Although, if you are utilizing it for long-lasting modifying, think about purchasing a excellent keyboard and a dependable mouse.

Have you ever utilized Samsung Dex for video gaming?

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The Galaxy S23 Ultra with Samsung Dex provides a robust, flexible experience that accommodates users’ different requirements. From work and performance to video gaming and media intake, Samsung Dex has you covered. Although the experience with some next-gen video games isn’t totally on par with next-gen consoles, it’s still pleasing to get where I ended in a video game while taking a trip with an extra display or tablet. If you have a Galaxy S23 Ultra, do yourself a favor and get a cable television or adapter, a controller, and link your display to have some enjoyable utilizing your phone for an outstanding video gaming experience.

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