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New Mexico is amongst the Mountain States with Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Montana, Idaho, Colorado, and Arizona.

The state has 2.11 million locals since 2022[1] It’s a fantastic location to live and fly a drone, however what are the drone laws here?

New Mexico allows drones, however state laws disallow drone monitoring. This state does not have any regional laws. Pilots need to constantly follow FAA standards when running a drone in New Mexico.

This guide to New Mexico drone laws will break things down federally, statewide, and in your area to talk about drone use guidelines around parks and other parts of this fantastic desert state.

Whether you have actually simply moved here or have actually lived here for a while however simply started flying drones, you can’t miss out on the information we have ahead.

Federal Drone Laws in Wyoming

The FAA supervises air travel in the United States, consisting of New Mexico.

Even More, New Mexico has laws to acquaint yourself with prior to introducing a drone, so let’s check out all the significant laws now.

Industrial Drone Pilots

The FAA’s federal drone laws govern drone use for business, company, and leisure pilots.

We’ll start by talking about the requirements for business pilots

If you want to generate income from flying your drone and catching video, you need to have a Remote Pilot Certificate, likewise referred to as a Part 107 license.

You can just acquire that license by taking the Part 107 test, the main FAA test for business drone usage.

” MORE: FAA Part 107 for Commercial Drone Pilots

The Part 107 test includes over 50 multiple-choice concerns that will check your understanding of the totality of the FAA’s drone use rulebook.

You can sign up to take the test if you’re 16 and older, in excellent physical and psychological health, and have a complete grasp of English, consisting of composing, speaking, and comprehending it.

You need to take the Part 107 test face to face. The FAA has actually screening centers spread about the nation, consisting of New Mexico.

The test isn’t totally free, so we suggest exploring our list of Part 107 online test preparation courses so you can study ahead of your test.

” MORE: Leading 10 Highlight 107 Online Test Preparation Courses

You pass if you address a minimum of 70 percent of the concerns right. You’ll have the Remote Pilot Certificate for the next 2 years.

After that, you can take the FAA’s totally free online renewal test to validate your business license for another 2 years.

” MORE: Renewal of Your Part 107 Certificate

That test is a lot less difficult.

While the FAA does need you to address one hundred percent of the concerns properly, you can alter your responses prior to you send the test, and you’ll see inaccurate responses too.

It’s not that tough to make a best rating!

Leisure Drone Pilots

Now let’s switch equipments and talk about the federal requirements for leisure pilots

Even as an enthusiast, the FAA needs you to pass an examination. Yours is called The Leisure UAS Security Test or TRUST.

The TRUST test has to do with 20 multiple-choice concerns on FAA drone laws. You need not have actually remembered every last crevice and corner of the rulebook.

You can take the TRUST online in the house or anywhere you have a steady Web connection.

You’ll see all the inaccurate responses as you go along, and you can alter any response you want prior to you send out in your test.

Once the FAA problems your TRUST certificate, make certain you do not lose it. You never ever need to take the test once again otherwise, as the TRUST license does not end.

Firm Drone Pilots

We need to likewise talk about company pilots, aka drone pilots contracted by the United States federal government to utilize a UAV.

These pilots need to have a Certificate of Authority (COA) or follow Part 107 guidelines.

State Drone Laws in New Mexico

Next, let’s analyze New Mexico’s state laws, which are special to and enforceable just in this state. New Mexico has just one state law, SB 556.

SB 556// 2013

2013’s Senate Costs 556[2] was contributed to the state legislature to secure the personal privacy of its people from drones.

In combination with the Flexibility from Unwarranted Security Act, SB 556 restricts the type of details drones can gather and reduces surveillance-heavy drone habits.

According to Area 3. Restriction Versus Security by Drone or Unmanned Airplane, the guidelines are as follows:

” A. An individual or state company will not utilize a drone or unmanned airplane to collect proof or other details referring to criminal conduct or conduct in offense of a statute or policy other than to the degree licensed in a warrant.

B. An individual or state company will not utilize a drone or unmanned airplane to perform monitoring of a private or of residential or commercial property owned by a private, farm or farming market without the authorization of that private, homeowner, farm or farming market.”

Then, per Area 4. Usage of Drones or Unmanned Airplane Under Exigent Scenarios, SB 556 sets out the following guidelines:

” The Flexibility from Unwarranted Security Act does not restrict making use of a drone by a police when exigent scenarios exist. For the functions of this area, exigent scenarios exist if a police has sensible suspicion that, under specific scenarios, quick action is needed to avoid impending risk to life.”

SB 556 concludes by discussing that breaching this drone law counts as a “minor misdemeanor.” You ‘d get a fine of approximately $500 and jail time for under 6 months.

FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Preparation

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Does New Mexico Have Any Regional Drone Laws?

Lots of states throughout the nation institute regional drone laws, which use to particular cities, towns, towns, and counties throughout that state.

Nevertheless, not every state has regional drone laws, and New Mexico is amongst them.

This indicates that regional regulations should not use. Nevertheless, you’re still needed to follow the federal and state laws we have actually gone over.

New Mexico Drone Flight Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have a number of concerns about how and where you can fly your drone in New Mexico, this area is for you.

We created an useful Frequently asked questions list that will assist you prepare your flight path.

Can I Fly a Drone in a Public Park?

Going to a public park is a fantastic method to get some fresh air and sunlight.

You can likewise practice flying your drone, and if you remain in a less hectic location, you do not need to fret about crowds.

Are you enabled to fly a drone in a New Mexico public park?

Drones are allowed some public parks throughout New Mexico, consisting of Pat Hurley Park and Balloon Carnival Park in Albuquerque.

Considering that public park drone use guidelines differ throughout the state, please get in touch with the park you have an interest in checking out and inquire about their drone policy prior to you appear.

Can I Fly a Drone in a State Park?

New Mexico has 35 renowned state parks, consisting of:

  • Rockhound State Park
  • Storrie Lake State Park
  • Ute Lake State Park
  • Endless Lakes State Park
  • Sugarite Canyon State Park
  • Santa Rosa Lake State Park and a lot more

Are you enabled to utilize your drone?

Drones are usually forbidden from going into New Mexico state parks.

Nevertheless, that guideline may not use throughout all the state parks in the location, so get in touch with a park ranger or agent prior to you check out and ask what the guidelines are.

You can likewise check out the series of posts we have on the blog site about flying in state parks, as these guides are a fantastic resource!

New Mexico is a state renowned for its white sands, Puebloan history, and landscape variety.

You’re enabled to fly a drone in the state according to federal law, however you can not utilize your drone for unlawful monitoring.

That state law uses to company pilots specifically however likewise to leisure and business pilots.

Although New Mexico has no regional drone laws, that does not make this state a free-for-all.

You need to constantly follow FAA standards, such as remaining 5 nautical miles from military bases and airports.

You may likewise be limited from flying in a few of New Mexico’s public and state parks.

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2. Senate Costs 556 ( link)

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