HCL Technologies Interview Experience for GET

Area: PAN India
Date: July 2020
Beats: 2 Rounds( Technical +HR)
Type: Off-Campus
Outcome: Picked
Platform Utilized: Microsoft Meet

First Off, I got a call from the school employer, requesting the information and providing an interview time slot.

Interview Round 1( Technical): (30-45 Minutes)

  • Inform Me About Yourself?
  • Previous Experience and Task Information?
  • How to deal with exceptions in web applications utilizing PHP?

Ans: An exception is an unforeseen program result that can be managed by the program itself. Exception Handling in PHP is nearly comparable to exception handling in all programs languages.
PHP supplies the following specialized keywords for this function.

attempt: It represents a block of code in which exceptions can occur.
catch: It represents a block of code that will be carried out when a specific exception has actually been tossed.
toss: It is utilized to toss an exception. It is likewise utilized to note the exceptions that a function tosses however does not manage itself.
lastly: It is utilized in location of a catch block or after a catch block essentially it is put for clean-up activity in PHP code.

Why Exception Handling in PHP?

The following are the primary benefits of exception handling over mistake handlingSeparation of mistake dealing with code from typical code: In conventional mistake dealing with code there is constantly an if-else block to deal with mistakes. These conditions and code to deal with mistakes got blended so that ends up being unreadable. With shot Catch block code ends up being understandable.
Grouping of mistake types: In PHP both fundamental types and things can be tossed as exceptions. It can produce a hierarchy of exception things, group exceptions in namespaces or classes, and classify them according to types.

What are Fixed and class can be fixed, if it is then what is Fixed Class?

ANS:- Java enables a class to be specified within another class. These are called Nested Classes. Classes can be fixed which most designers know, henceforth some classes can be made fixed in Java. Java supports Fixed Circumstances Variables, Fixed Approaches, Fixed Block, and Fixed Classes. The class in which the embedded class is specified is called the Outer Class. Unlike high-level classes, Inner classes can be Fixed. Non-static embedded classes are likewise called Inner classes.

A circumstances of an inner class can not be developed without a circumstances of the external class. For that reason, an inner class circumstances can access all of the members of its external class, without utilizing a referral to the external class circumstances. For this factor, inner classes can assist make programs easy and succinct.

Can Builder be personal?

Ans: As you can quickly think, like any technique we can offer gain access to specifier to the contractor. If it’s made personal, then it can just be accessed inside the class.There are different circumstances where we can utilize personal fitters. The significant ones are

Internal Builder chaining
Singleton class style pattern
What is a Singleton class?

As the name suggests, a class is stated to be singleton if it restricts the variety of things of that class to one.

We can’t have more than a single item for such classes.

Singleton classes are used thoroughly in principles like Networking and Database Connection.

Style Pattern of Singleton classes:

The contractor of the singleton class would be personal so there should be another method to get the circumstances of that class. This issue is dealt with utilizing a class member circumstances and a factory technique to return the class member.

What is Builder?

Ans: Builder is a block of codes comparable to the technique. It is called when a circumstances of the class is developed. At the time of calling the contractor, memory for the item is designated in the memory. It is an unique kind of technique that is utilized to initialize the item. Whenever an item is developed utilizing the brand-new() keyword, a minimum of one contractor is called.

What is Abstraction?

Ans: Information Abstraction is the residential or commercial property by virtue of which just the vital information are shown to the user. The minor or the non-essential systems are not shown to the user. Ex: A vehicle is considered as a cars and truck instead of its private elements.

Information Abstraction might likewise be specified as the procedure of determining just the needed attributes of an item neglecting the unimportant information. The residential or commercial properties and habits of an item separate it from other things of comparable type and likewise assist in classifying/grouping the things.

Think about a real-life example of a male driving a cars and truck. The male just understands that pushing the accelerator will increase the speed of a cars and truck or using brakes will stop the cars and truck, however he does not understand how pushing the accelerator the speed is in fact increasing, he does not understand about the inner system of the cars and truck or the application of the accelerator, brakes, and so on in the cars and truck. This is what abstraction is.

What is Cyber Security and Cryptography?

Ans: Cryptography is the research study and practice of methods for safe and secure interaction in the existence of 3rd parties called enemies. It handles establishing and evaluating procedures that avoid harmful 3rd parties from recovering info being shared in between 2 entities consequently following the different elements of info security. Secure Interaction describes the circumstance where the message or information shared in between 2 celebrations can’t be accessed by a foe. In Cryptography, a Foe is a harmful entity, which intends to recover valuable info or information consequently weakening the concepts of info security. Information Privacy, Data Stability, Authentication and Non-repudiation are core concepts of modern-day cryptography.

Privacy describes particular guidelines and standards normally carried out under privacy contracts which guarantee that the info is limited to particular individuals or locations.
Information stability describes keeping and making certain that the information remains precise and constant over its whole life process.
Authentication is the procedure of making certain that the piece of information being declared by the user comes from it.
Non-repudiation describes the capability to ensure that an individual or a celebration related to an agreement or an interaction can not reject the credibility of their signature over their file or the sending out of a message.

Port Variety Of Procedure of TCP/IP Design?

Ans: Application Layer:-
The application layer exists at the top of the OSI design. It is the layer through which users communicate. It supplies services to the user.

Application Layer procedure:-
Telnet represents the TELetype NETwork. It assists in terminal emulation. It enables Telnet customers to access the resources of the Telnet server. It is utilized for handling files on the web. It is utilized for the preliminary setup of gadgets like switches. The telnet command is a command that utilizes the Telnet procedure to interact with a remote gadget or system. Port variety of telnet is 23.


telnet [RemoteServer]
RemoteServer: Defines the name of the server to which you wish to link
2. FTP:
FTP represents file transfer procedure. It is the procedure that in fact lets us move files. It can facilitate this in between any 2 makers utilizing it. However FTP is not simply a procedure however it is likewise a program.FTP promotes sharing of files by means of remote computer systems with reputable and effective information transfer. The Port number for FTP is 20 for information and 21 for control.


ftp machinename
3. TFTP:
The Unimportant File Transfer Procedure (TFTP) is the stripped-down, stock variation of FTP, however it’s the procedure of option if you understand precisely what you desire and where to discover it. It’s an innovation for moving files in between network gadgets and is a streamlined variation of FTP. The Port number for TFTP is 69.


tftp [ options… ] [host [port]] [-c command]
4. NFS:
It represents a network file system. It enables remote hosts to install file systems over a network and communicate with those file systems as though they are installed in your area. This makes it possible for system administrators to combine resources onto central servers on the network. The Port number for NFS is 2049.


service nfs begin
5. SMTP:
It represents Basic Mail Transfer Procedure. It belongs of the TCP/IP procedure. Utilizing a procedure called “shop and forward,” SMTP relocations your e-mail on and throughout networks. It works carefully with something called the Mail Transfer Representative (MTA) to send your interaction to the ideal computer system and e-mail inbox. The Port number for SMTP is 25.


It represents Line Printer Daemon. It is developed for printer sharing. It is the part that gets and processes the demand. A “daemon” is a server or representative. The Port number for LPD is 515.


lpd [ -d ] [ -l ] [ -D DebugOutputFile]
7. X window:
It specifies a procedure for the writing of visual user interface– based client/server applications. The concept is to permit a program, called a customer, to operate on one computer system. It is mainly utilized in networks of interconnected mainframes. The port number for X window begins with 6000 and increases by 1 for each server.


Run xdm in runlevel 5
8. SNMP:
It represents Basic Network Management Procedure. It collects information by ballot the gadgets on the network from a management station at repaired or random periods, needing them to divulge particular info. It is a manner in which servers can share info about their present state, and likewise a channel through which an administrate can customize pre-defined worths. The Port variety of SNMP is 161( TCP) and 162( UDP).


snmpget -shopping mall -v1 -cpublic snmp_agent_Ip_address sysName.0
9. DNS:
It represents Domain Call System. Whenever you utilize a domain, for that reason, a DNS service should equate the name into the matching IP address. For instance, the domain www.abc.com may equate to
The Port number for DNS is 53.


ipconfig/ flushdns
10. DHCP:
It represents Dynamic Host Setup Procedure (DHCP). It offers IP addresses to hosts. There is a great deal of info a DHCP server can offer to a host when the host is signing up for an IP address with the DHCP server. The port number for DHCP is 67, 68.


clear ip dhcp binding *

Interview Round 2( HR): (15-30 Minutes)

Concern Asked:
1. Inform Me About Yourself?

2. Inform me about Native Location?

3. Can You Move Throughout India?

4. Can you operate in shifts?

5. Why do you wish to select HCL Technologies?


  • Simply Clear your idea effectively and research study the business prior to going to Interview.
  • You Must have great bandwidth on the Web.

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