Feds Will Not Prosecute Shanquella Robinson’s Death

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The U.S. Department of Justice has actually chosen not to bring federal charges in connection with the death of Shanquella Robinson, a 25-year-old Charlotte, North Carolina business owner.

On October 28, 2022, Ms. Robinson and 6 of her good friends went to a trip rental property in San José del Cabo, Mexico. The next day, Ms. Robinson passed away. On October 30, her 6 travel mates went back to the U.S. with her luggage and informed Robinson’s mom that she had actually passed away of alcohol poisoning. That much is clear.

However little else is. Listed below, we talk about the Robinson death., along with the media reports and inconsistent proof surrounding it, and you can choose on your own if you concur with the U.S. federal government’s choice not to prosecute the case.

What Taken place?

By all reports, Shanquella Robinson was a brilliant, enthusiastic girl who had actually begun her own service intertwining kids’s hair. She and some college good friends chose to travel to Cabo San Lucas, and leased a trip rental property there. When she last talked with her mom on the Friday that she left for the journey, she appeared “quite delighted.”

The Physician Shows Up

The cops report of the event consisted of an in-depth interview with the vacation home’s concierge, who existed at the scene of Robinson’s death. According to the report, somebody at the vacation home required a medical professional on the afternoon of October 29. When the medical professional came to the scene, she discovered Robinson with steady crucial indications, however she was dehydrated and uncommunicative. Her good friends informed the medical professional that she had intoxicated a great deal of alcohol.

The medical professional wished to take Robinson to a medical facility, however her good friends firmly insisted that she be dealt with at the vacation home after learning just how much a medical facility would cost. The medical professional therefore attempted to begin an IV line, however prior to she might do so, Robinson had a seizure. At that point, her good friends required an ambulance.

At 4:49 p.m., the medical professional might no longer discover a pulse. She and among Robinson’s good friends started CPR. When paramedics showed up, they administered more rounds of CPR and adrenaline without success. Their efforts to reboot her heart with a defibrillator stopped working, and she was noticable dead at 5:57 p.m.

Her Buddies Leave Mexico

According to the cops interview with the vacation home’s concierge, at around 9:30 pm on the night of the event, Robinson’s good friends asked the concierge to schedule a cars and truck to take them to the town hall so that they might get something to consume. They did not return that night. The next early morning, the concierge got a call from the house maid, asking if the group had actually notified that they would be leaving– since there was nobody in the vacation home. The concierge had actually not been informed of the group’s departure; the group had just formerly asked for transport. The motorist of the cars and truck later on reported that he had actually dropped them off at an airport hotel. The concierge sent out the group a text, to which they did not react till the following early morning, notifying the vacation home that they had currently gone back to the United States.

The Death Certificate

A copy of Shanquella Robinson’s death certificate supposedly noted the cause of death as “serious spine injury and atlas luxation.” The latter, likewise referred to as “internal decapitation,” is basically a separation of the base of the skull from the spine, which typically leads to instant death.

Robinson’s death, nevertheless, was categorized as “unexpected or violent,” and the approximate time in between injury and death was 15 minutes. The autopsy did not point out alcohol poisoning.

The Video

A month after the event, a video made the rounds on social networks, revealing somebody tossing Robinson to the ground and after that savagely kicking and striking her all over her head and body. A male close by is heard stating, “‘ Quella, can you a minimum of resist?” It stays uncertain when the trending video was shot.

Mexico and the U.S. Investigate Robinson’s Death

Back in November of in 2015, Baja California Sur State District attorney, Daniel de la Rosa, informed press reporters that Robinson’s death arised from “direct hostility,” which an arrest warrant had actually been provided for the criminal activity of femicide ( the killing of a lady or woman since of her gender or sex). The FBI then opened a federal examination into the scenarios surrounding Robinson’s death. Mexican district attorneys stated that they were speaking with federal government authorities in both nations about an extradition demand

In early March of 2023, the Capitol held a press conference went to by the household and their lawyers: civil liberties legal representative Ben Crump and lawyer Sue-Ann Robinson (no relation to the household). They prompted the Biden Administration, the State Department, and the Department of Justice to focus on bringing Shanquella’s killer( s) to justice.

As soon as Robinson’s body had actually been embalmed and carried back to the United States, another autopsy was carried out by the Mecklenburg County (NC) coroner. According to U.S. authorities, the autopsy exposed some swelling on the brain, however no spine injury No particular cause of death might be identified. Federal district attorneys in North Carolina and the FBI informed Robinson’s household that after a “in-depth and comprehensive” examination of the readily available proof, it was decreasing to push any charges at this time.

Concurrent Jurisdiction

Although Robinson’s death took place in Mexico, the U.S. federal government has the power to examine and prosecute a criminal activity in between American people if the murder included federal police or “interstate commerce”– the latter of which is a little a misnomer, as it likewise incorporates inter- nation commerce.

You might be questioning what connection Ms. Robinson’s death might have needed to interstate commerce. While she was last alive in Mexico and passed away there, her travel luggage is the hook. Ms. Robinson’s travel luggage is perhaps proof, which her travel mates carried from Mexico to the U.S. the day after her death.

There is likewise the matter of cellular phone. Ms. Robinson’s travel mates brought their phones with them on their journey, and after that back to the U.S. These phones might include images, videos, texts, and other messages. All of this might be proof associating with the criminal activity that is linked to interstate commerce.

Will Justice Be Performed in Shanquella’s Death?

Mexican authorities state that Robinson passed away of a damaged neck, and they look for to prosecute among her travel mates for femicide. On the other hand, U.S. authorities state they can not figure out how Robinson passed away. Therefore, the U.S. Feds have actually picked not to prosecute anybody at this time, nor have they stated whether they want to extradite whoever Mexico wishes to prosecute.

Where’s the justice for Shanquella? It might depend on the Mexican courts– if the U.S. does not stand in the method.

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